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‘Nowhere is Somewhere’ presents a series of works in the tradition of intermedia, eliminating the boundaries between text, image and object. The installation at C.A.B is part of an inquiry into the ordinary, the element of a chance encounter on the streets of Bordeaux. Taking found objects and making them feel purposeful and imbued with meaning, a discarded book becomes a sculpture. Darke works in a haptic, intuitive way as a method of understanding a new city, exploring elements that might otherwise be taken for granted or forgotten. The gaze of an elderly man buying fruit in the market, the place in between place and object. The title of the installation refers to an instinct to nest or become planted, embedded to a place when otherwise feeling uprooted or without a specific home. Artists such as Gabriel Orozco and Francis Alÿs work in a similar way - travelling without the necessity of the studio and looking for the moment to arise when work(s) can happen.

Darke’s work is trashy, anti-escapist, and most of all, a tender way of asking the viewer to get involved.

- Rebecca Taber